Leather Studded Boho Satchel Bag


This bag is handcrafted by artisans in Morocco. Each piece is stunning in appearance and beautifully made. It is made of 100% leather and is decorated with vintage studs. The studs surround a central decorated turquoise stone. The bag is 33cm wide and 24cm tall. It has a zip compartment on the outside and a large leather strap attached. A gorgeous vintage and bohemian inspired piece that is durable enough for everyday use



Materail:100% leather.



Black Leather

Dark Brown Leather

Caramel Leather


Price: $139.95


Handmade Vintage Leather Coin Bag


This beautiful handcrafted Moroccan bag is pure leather and decorated with vintage coins. The coins are antique European currencies, Morrocan Dirham and coins from other various countries. The coins surround a central decorated stone. The bag has an inside pouch and large leather strap.  It has a buckle for safe closure. It is 29cm in length and 30cm in width. This bag is gorgeous.



Material: 100% leather


Price: $139.95

Vintage Leather Coin Satchel Bag


This is a rare vintage Moroccan handbag made in pure leather by skilled artisans. It is beautifully decorated with vintage coins. The coins are antique currencies from European countries  and Morocco. The coins surround a central decorated stone that is encapsulated in a symbol of a hand. This bag has a zip compartment at the front,  a large adjustable leather strap and buckle to close. Great for festivals and everyday outings.


Width 28cm

Materail: 100% leather


Price: $119.95

Beautiful Tan Leaf Leather Bag


This bag is very simple and beautiful in appearance. It is a  handcrafted leather bag in the shape of a leaf and is very practical. The bag is tan in colour and has a large adjustable leather strap (145cm) and front pocket. It fits the body perfectly and and is made of durable leather. Large enough to use as an everyday bag or great for social events- a bag design perfect for those who like something different. The bag is 26cm in width, 24cm in length.



Material:100% leather


****This bag also comes in dark brown-Please specify your colour preference at Paypal checkout***

Price: $129.95




The Small Studded Festival Boho Bag


This bag is gorgeous. It is a dark chestnut in appearance and beautifully embellished with studs and a central turquoise stone.  It is  perfect for everyday use or for a festival. The bag is handcrafted by artisans with durable leather. It has a front clasp opening, front inside zip compartment and a large adjustable leather strap. Large enough to fit the everyday essentials or perfect for a social event. The bag is 24cm in length and 20cm in width.



Material:100% leather


*****This bag also comes in Caramel leather (blue stone, black stone), dark brown leather (orange, blue central stone). Please state your colour preference at Paypal checkout in 'comments section'.***



The Bohemian Embossed Shoulder Bag


This gorgeous handmade embossed bag is made in Morocco by very talented and skilled artisans. It is 100% leather and beautifully handcrafted with ornate detail to it's front flap. The bag has a large adjustable strap and closure with a buckle. It is a very durable  and well made bag making it perfect for everyday use. Dark brown in colour, the bag is hand dyed with vegetable colour and matches most outfits.



Material: 100% leather


******This bag comes in 3 different colours****:


-Dark Brown



Price: $139.95

The Everyday Elegant Embossed Boho Bag


This bohemian inspired handbag has beautiful embossed detail adorning it's front flap. The bag is made of a very dark brown leather and is handcrafted in Morocco by a very skilled artisan.  It has an adjustable shoulder strap and buckle closure. There is a pocket on the inside of the bag with a magnetic clasp and the bag is large enough for carrying everyday essentials. It is made of a durable leather and adds a beautiful bohemian 'touch' to your outfit.

 Length: 27cm


Material:100% Leather


Price: $139.95