Blue Agate Slice Cuff


This beautiful blue agate slice is set in a gold plated semi-precious cuff and is made to fit all wrist sizes. Each cuff is individual, as no agate slices are the same.

Blue agate, is a crystal with healing properties and has a soft soothing elegance. It's graceful circular design has a positive stimulating effect on emotions and attitude. 

This cuff is handcrafted in Brazil.


Price: $69.95


Pink Agate Slice Cuff


The pink agate slice cuff is stunning. It includes a pink agate slice encapsulated in a semi precious metal cuff with gold plating. It is made to fit all size wrists.

Pink agate has numerous healing properties. It is good for stimulating and inducing channeling and visions and can also enhance clairvoyance. It promotes love between parents and child and also helps strengthen the bonding process. The pink agate slice is partially translucent with opaque cream and pink patterns. The cuff can be worn alone as a beautiful statement piece.

This cuff is handcrafted in Brazil.


Price: $69.95




Orange Agate Cuff


The orange agate cuff is a free size piece of jewellery. The orange agate slice is encapsulated in a semi- precious metal plated with gold.

Orange agate is a grounding stone. It is known to promote  emotional, intellectual and physical  balance. The crystal aids in stabilising and centring physical energy. Wear it alone for maximum impact.

This cuff is handcrafted in Brazil.


Price: $69.95

The Large Silver Tribal Cuff


This large cuff is sure to make a statement. The cuff is designed in New Delhi and is exclusive to GypsyTrail. It is made of a semi-precious metal and plated with silver. It has a large central square stone  decorated  beautifully by  embellished silver metal work. The cuff is free in size and fits most wrist sizes. It is easily manipulated by hand, therefore, making the cuff easy to tighten or loosen depending on the requirements of the owner. It is a stunning bohemian inspired piece and looks beautiful worn alone as a statement cuff.










The Feather Cuff


The feather cuff is an 'exclusive' GypsyTrail design. It is a free size cuff and looks beautiful worn alone or mixed with other alike jewellery. It is made of semi precious metal (brass) and plated with gold. The cuff is handcrafted in New Delhi India. 









Gold Wonderlust Cuff


This gold plated cuff is a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection. It is made of semi- precious metal and is a free size cuff. Worn alone it makes a beautiful statement.

The cuff is handcrafted in New Delhi.


Price: $19.95

The Gold Lover Cuff



The Lover Cuff is simply stunning. It can be worn alone for maximum impact or worn with other bangles as a more eclectic boho-inspired look. The cuff is handcrafted in India and made of a semi-precious metal and resin and has two central turquoise stones. It is gold in appearance with black resin surrounding the embellishment of the cuff. It is made as  a 'one size fits all' piece of jewellery and will fit most wrists. The cuff is approximatley 4cm in width. It 's beauty cannot be detailed enough in writing.




The Pink Stoned Horn Bone Cuff


The look of the Horn Bone Cuff with its beautiful pink central stone is breathtaking. The cuff is hancrafted in India and has very intricate and gorgeous detailing. It is a very striking piece that looks best worn alone for it's stunning impact. The craftsmanship involved in this piece needs to be seen in person to apprecaiate it's true beauty.

It is made of horn bone and semi-precious metal. It has a pin clasp to open and close and is a free size. The cuff comes with 3 different coloured stones






Price: $29.95