About Us


GypsyTrail is a 100% Australian owned company that firmly believes in free and fair trade. We source our handmade pieces from around the world and each is handcrafted with dedication, care and love. No two pieces are the same.


Each handbag is ornately decorated by its artisan and our pieces are sourced from regions within Thailand, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Morocco.


We aim to provide our customers with beautifully designed, unique and original products.

Our handbags, jewellery and accessories are bright, beautiful and ethnic in appearance.

Here, at GypsyTrail, we believe life should be about love,  friendship, laughter, fun, travel and most of all colour. With colour comes energy and happiness. Colour, has the immediate ability to shift mood and create warmth to any life moment.  It brings our style alive. Hence, our collections are vibrant and free spirited.


Our mantra is live life in colour and remain free spirited… @GypsyTrail.